Roasters United is a group of coffee roasters based in Europe committed to work directly with small farmers cooperatives to promote high quality coffees that are organically grown in democracy.

Our premise – we call it Socialising Cup Quality – offers the best trading conditions to our producer partners, while supporting and encouraging economic and social development of coffee growing communities around the world. We import according to a set list of strict import standards which can be read here.

Roasters United was founded in 2012 by Just Coffee (Roskilde/DK), Esperanza Cafe (Paris/F) and Boréal Coffee (Geneva/CH). In 2013 the group was joined by Elephant Beans (Freiburg/GER) and kaffeefabrik (Vienna/AUT), in 2014 by Flying Roasters (Berlin/GER). Today we’re a group of more than 15 Roasteries all across Europe who work closely together and import a steadily growing amount of green coffee. All members are listed here

In July 2016 Roasters United registered as a “Association Loi 1901″ under French law which we turned into a “Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif” (“SCIC”) in May 2021. It is a multi-stakeholder “cooperative society of collective interest” and constitutes an adhesion to
fundamental cooperative values: democracy, solidarity and the purpose of collective interest beyond the personal interest of its members.

Twice a year we hold meetings – usually at one of the members facilities – to discuss recent travels and imports, to update on the results of various internal working groupes, to do cuppings with samples or productions roasts from the members roasteries and to discuss all areas of the business. We also agree to cooperate and exchange throughout the year.

The annual visits at each of the partner cooperatives are done in changing groups of Roasters United members. Every member agrees to join a visit at least once every two years.